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Dear Friends

The Save Fawley Court Heritage Committee is asking you to help obtain rights of way on the footpaths that run through Fawley Court. We could not stop the installation of the Security Gates at Fawley Court, however, if we win public rights of way to the river and The St.Anne’s Church and Father Jozef Jarzebowski’s grave, the Security Gates would have to be modified or removed.

An application has been lodged by local members of the Ramblers Association with Buckingham County Council Rights of Way Department for all walkers to enter via the North or South Gate at Fawley Court and proceed to the river Thames via the footpaths.

It not too late to support the application for the Rights of Way through Fawley Court.. We are in a better position with the rights of way than we were with the Security Gates as we have the legal right to appeal to The Secretary of Sate should the County Council give an unfair decision against us. With the Security Gates it was one civil servant’s decision with no right of appeal.

We now have engaged lawyers to act on our behalf to fight for our rights as Fawley Court belongs to the Polish Community.

The Son of The Prince Stanislaw Radziwill has gone to Court to try to save and preserve The St.Anne’s Church for the Polish Community and future generations.

In late autumn 2010 the case against the exhumation of Father Jarz?bowski will go to judicial review. The case was brought by Fr. Jarzebowski’s cousin and the Committee.

We ask you to fill in the forms which you can copy here, if you have walked the paths of Fawley Court. They should be completed individually ie a husband and wife should fill in one form each even if they walked together. We are ask you to have futher photocopies made if you need them (this is ok with the County Council). If you have any difficulty or need help with filling in the forms please contact us on 0207 7922401 or 07527580257 and we will assist you./>a

Link to obrain forms to register rights of www.fawleycourt.info/pdf/form.pdf />

 Komitet Obrony Dziedzictwa Narodowego Fawley Court, , e-mail: savefawley@hotmail.com
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