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The Church of St. Ann


St.Ann`s Roman Catholic Church was designed by the architect Wladislaw Tadeusz George Jarosz and built between 1971-73 for the Polish community of the Congregation of Marian Fathers under the patronage of Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill.

28th of September 2009 it has been designated at Grade II (44th list of Buildings of Special Architetural or Historic Intrest) for the following principal reasons:

1. Of special architectural interest for its striking asymmetrical design with bold and interesting massing dominated by its angular roof.
2. A modern church of some quality in both its design and execution which displays a thoughtful use of materials.
3. Of special historic interest for its significance to the Polish Roman Catholic community and which has associations with the Polish Royal family as the resting place of Prince Radziwill and which was built as a memorial to his mother, Princess Lubomirska.

(Ian Dunlop, Department of Culture, Media and Sport.)

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anne -The Shrine of Divine Mercy.

below on the left: A XVIIth century spanish sculpture of Saint Anne. A gift from a countess Potocka (sister of prince Radziwi??)

above on the right: A bas-relief of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jezus placed above the sarcophagus of a prince S.Radziwi??

Tablice upami?tniajace szwagrów Ksi?cia Radziwi??a : Johna Fitzgeralda Kennediego, Prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki oraz Senatora Roberta Francis Kennediego. Z prawej strony tablica pamiatkowa ofiarodawców Fawley Court szczególnej wagi.

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I am looking forward to the Sunday after Easter "Divine Mercy Sunday"

The Marian Fathers at Fawley Court, Henley-on Thames, Oxfordshire, England will have their last Divine Mercy Sunday this year 2009 in Fawley Court. They are relocating to London and we will miss them so much.

I found them nearly 10 years ago and shared first Saturdays there over the years. They have a beautiful shrine to "Jesus, Divine Mercy" I will so miss them and the shrine. They cant afford the millions of £££ it would take to upkeep Fawley Court. It is all in the hands of our dear Lord.

Our sad loss will be an offering in union with our Dear Lord for the sins and ingratitude of us all.

Please God another shrine will be found to honour Our Divine Lord and His Gracious Mercy offered to us all.

Come O Holy Spirit, please descend upon us all, through the most powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your most chaste and well beloved spouse.
Love from Julia!

Conference is huge success
Monday, September 1st, 2008

Evangelium Conference 2008
Explaining the Catholic Faith in the Modern World
8th – 10th August 2008, Fawley Court, Henley-on-Thames

The First Evangelium Summer Conference, sponsored by CTS, has been an astounding success, with young people describing it as ‘the best weekend of my life’, an ‘answer to prayer’ and an ‘inspiration and encouragement’.

Over the 8th – 10th August over one hundred young people assembled at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Fawley Court, for a series of talks, workshops and other activities addressing the crucial evangelistic question of our time – how to reach out and explain the Catholic Faith to people in the modern world.

It feels so wonderful that there is a place where we can gather together in faith, hope, love, and feel so much home.

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anne, was founded by Prince Stanis?aw Albrecht Radziwi??, designed by the architect W?adys?aw T Jarosz. Prince S. Radziwi?? was burried in the church’s crypt, the entrance of which has the Radziwi??’s eagles, as requested by the Prince.

1.Prince Stanis?aw Radziwi?? and Very Rev.Bishop of Northampton Charls Grant.

2.Fr.Provincial Julian Chró?ciechowski and W?adys?aw Jarosz, architect of the Church.

AKT EREKCYJNY:"W roku 1971 od Narodzenia Pana Naszego, Jezusa Chrystusa, w pi?tym roku drugiego tysi?clecia ochrzczonej Polski, w pi?dziesi?t? pierwsz? rocznic? "Cudu nad Wis??"-
gdy na tronie papieskim zasiada? Jego ?wietobliwo?? Pawe? VI a królewska korona Wielkiej Brytanii spoczywa?a na g?owie El?biety II-
Jego Ksi???ca Mo?? Stanis?aw A.Radziwi??, pragn?c uczci? sw? zmar??
matk? ?p.Ann? z Ksi???t Lubomirskich (ur.w Równem 8.10.1881, zmar?? w Krasnogórsku 16.2.1947, grób zagin?? w Rosji), zbudowa? w Fawley Court ko?ció? pod wezwaniem Naj?wi?tszej Maryi Panny i ?w.Anny, oddaj?c go na zawsze w posiadanie Angielskiej Prowincji Zgromadzenia Ksi??y Marianów dla u?ytku Kolegium Mi?osierdzia Bo?ego i przybywaj?cych tu wiernych. Na wieczn? rzeczy pami?tk? prawdziwo?? tego faktu stwierdzaj? w?asnor?cznym podpisem: J.K.M.Stanis?aw A.Radziwi??, ks. dr Julian Chró?ciechowski, prowincja?, ks.dr Adam Perz superior domu w Fawley Court, W?adys?aw T.Jarosz dyplomowany architekt. Fawley Court, dnia 15 sierpnia 1971 roku w uroczysto?? Wniebowzi?cia N.M.P.

Celebration of the Blessing of the Church

1. Priests in Procession 2. Colour Guard

1.Fr.Provincial Julian Chró?ciechowski and W?adys?aw Jarosz,the architect who designed the Church.
2. Ryszard Gabryjelczyk and W?adys?aw Jarosz

" Col.Buchowski is reading Prince Radziwi??`s letter. Prince Radziwi??, after the car accident did not take part in the celebrations, and in his letter expressed the wish that the Church would play the significant role in upbringing young people in
Polish and Catholic values."

"At the end, the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth performed. Everyone listened intently to the music and profound words."

Zes?anie Ducha ?wi?tego 31.05.2009r

Thanksgiving Plaques at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anne.

“ I worship the Divine Mercy for Saving Fawley Court. I am begging for further blessing and help. Jesus I trust in Thee”

A commemorative plaque to thank God for the change of heart by the Marian Fathers in not selling the Fawley Court as planned after closing the school in 1988. The plaque was funded by Z.O. -Zofia Or?owska, a long-serving and dedicated teacher of the Divine Mercy College. Zofia Or?owska like Fr.Józef Jarz?bowski came from Mexico.


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