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We are launching a criminal investigation of the circumstances of the exhumation of Father Josef Jarzebowski which apparently took place in the early hours of Fri 31 Aug 2012 according to eyewitness evidence of a mound with a plaque at Fairmile Cemetery, Henley-on-Thames. The earliest visitor there reported the same at 6.30 am and photos taken at 8 am confirm this, as enclosed.

The nearest surviving relative Elzbieta Rudewicz was not notified despite a written request. We were first informed by Henley Town Council that the exhumation was scheduled for Fri 31 Aug, however Tomalin Funeral Directors admitted on Friday that it took place “last night”. There are no witnesses, we do not know if the body is actually there at Fairmile, or whether it had been cremated and stolen. All that we found at the scene of the crime was an unholy mess, without even a cross in place, a familiar mark of the marians who had in the past reduced the Holy Grotto to rubble and committed other acts of sacrilege. Yet this act of sacrilege is an insult to the family, to faith, and to His pupils worldwide.

We hold the licence the marians obtained by bearing false witness to the courts to be invalid as the Burial Act clearly states that the Ministry of Justice has no jurisdiction over consecrated ground. The ground at Fawley Court was blessed by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II. It was discriminatory of the English Courts to uphold the decisions of the Ministry of Justice and there is a pending appeal lodged on 16 Aug 12 by the FCOBA representing E.Rudewicz. We believe that the judgments are political in a militantly secular society where religious freedom is violated and Catholics persecuted. We are concerned that the chances of Fr.Jozef Jarzebowski for beatification may have been prejudiced as a bishop is required to attend such an exhumation and there is no sign of this. We demand that He is put back at Fawley Court forthwith and that the circumstances of the matter are made publicly known. We further demand that the marians be expelled from the UK.

A Judicial Review is being prepared of the Rights of Way through Fawley Court as the decision of the Council was based on false testimony such as that the marians closed the gates every year. Everyone knows there were no gates to close. A planning application for permanent gates has been lodged by Cherrilow.

K.Jastrzembski Secretary Fawley Court Old Boys Association

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